Do you ever feel like everyone around you has a perfect life and  you just can't seem to figure it out (especially after reading all of the posts about their “awesome” lives on Facebook)? 
Have you read all of the self help books, wondering why your life still looks the same after you finish reading?  
Do  you think being thinner, prettier or making more money will make your problems go away? 
The secret ingredient to living a joyful, amazing, happy life is actually....
Hi there, we are Jenny G. Perry and Kim Schwartz. Two women who are both mothers, wives, business owners and friends. For years, people have been asking us for the “secret”  to how we overcame depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. to live joyful, energetic, amazing lives. Friends, family members, even strangers have asked us about our transformation but we have never shared it in a step- by-step program that anyone can follow…until NOW.
Join us for a LIVE webinar, Wednesday, July 30th at 8pm EST, when we'll share three surprising tools that took us from unhappy, discouraged, anxious, self-doubting  moms to passionate, fun-loving , energetic women who love their lives and wouldn’t trade them for the world. 
Do you want to know our SECRET? 
Here's How This Will Webinar Will Benefit You:

1.  We’ll teach you how to change your thoughts before they run wild (you know, those negative things you say to yourself every day that wreak havoc in your life).  

2.  We’ll show you the power of words and how they influence your relationships with your spouse, your friends, your children and especially with Yourself.

3.  We’ll share an exercise to start your day off with a happy vibe (instead of having that mean girl in your head scream at you for not being good enough). No more waking up already out of steam. 

Plus, we’ll do a one minute meditation that you can use anywhere to instantly transform your mood, remove anxiety and give you more control over your happiness, no matter what is happening around you.

What would it be like to feel blessed
And to wake up every morning LOVING your life?

Do you want a "Serving of self-love"?
If you want to feel the happiness and joy that has always seemed available to everyone else, this webinar is for you!
Register now for our FREE live webinar on July 30th at 8pm EST. Enter your email below and we will send you all the info.
Love,  Jenny & Kim

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